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Alphinaud and Alisaie are def the transest characters in ffxiv but i don’t know who else would be... hmmmm maybe graha

i guess i just dont have a lot of interest in art that doesnt acknowledge or confront the bad or evil or strange in the world. even stuff aimed at kids (at least, the good stuff) does this

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baby bats...... with glitter on they heads..............

otherwise known as: hey you guys i found @FirstProgenitor 's baby pictures!!!!

or possibly @extinct 's baby cousins at the family reunion. either-or, really,

if it's reciprocated then it's just social. i feel a lot of the time the term gets thrown about with basically the connotation of 'online friendships aren't real'; and that's not what it was introduced for

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a parasocial relationship is the kind of one-way relationship you would build to a performer, a podcast host, or a social media account that doesn't follow you back, where they have a presence in your life but you have none in theirs

i think strive for kindness more than pleasantry. pleasantry is effectively "being nice", and i feel kindness implies substance behind your good intentions


My partner Des is a 24yo financially independent trans latine who just found out they need urgent periodontal surgery to save their teeth. Their surgery is scheduled for June 25th, and their insurance will only cover $2000 of the $7500+ surgery. They work 50 hours per week while putting themselves through college unassisted, and they cannot afford this surgery alone.

venmo: @/cruelasgold


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i think, as a certified freak and weirdo, that what many people consider wholesome is not going to agree with what i consider to be life-sustaining

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at the rate things are going i'm going to have a reflex reaction of pulling a knife out when someone says the word wholesome

occasionally i think about gamers who think the metal gear series is apolitical and feel myself attain a deeper understanding of what kierkegaard meant when he said the deepest despair is despair that doesn't know itself to be despair

it's not bad to have one-sided relationships (and in fact it's very hard to have a completely equal relationship purely b/c people come from different social backgrounds & have different needs); what should be avoided is assuming consent that hasn't been reciprocally communicated. eg i'm fine w/ people i don't know following me (parasocial, healthy), but that doesn't mean i owe you anything (parasocial, unhealthy)

Honestly the costs to maintain this instance don't feel like they are worth it when I could be having fun on eefy doony

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