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I can't believe people actually want more overwatch story when the story of overwatch is like, overtly fascist

the good news is i can actually read the phone screen again. the bad news is i can now receive phone calls

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new tristan just dropped. call this one "not cracked phone screen tristan"

Real-Life Neofeud - A Song Of Texas Ice and California Fire and wanna-be Space Kings (And Imperial Collapse)

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small improvements to people's lives are worthwhile to work to even if they are temporary

Very minor blood, eye contact, nsfw in desc 

Little concept I wanted to share~

Heโ€™s a weasel cat who exists in the same universe as characters I post about over at @Sunnysockeye ! But as I will be using him for more adult oriented content, he wonโ€™t be involved on that profile.

He fights in an underground ring, people place bets on whoโ€™s gonna come out on top! And whoever doesnโ€™t...,, is in for a whole other ride.

Feedback and interactions mean the world! ๐Ÿ’•

some of these new episodes of teen titans go are just mastodon accounts now

playing with Common Traumatic Experiences to set up ~clever twist narrative~ is SHIT fucking writing actually

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i hate when you're watching something and you HATE a character or whatever but you can just ~tell~ you're meant to hate them and they're gonna do a bit of a bait and switch or go more in depth with their character arc and make them ~sympathetic~ but the thing that makes them awful is legit irredeemable in part because the writers clearly don't truly understand it's impact and throw it around flippantly


re: yu gi oh dub episode one 

Oh right yami literally psychic blasts kaiba in the face

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re: yu gi oh dub episode one 

Dark Magician on the field!!!!!! Fuck yeah, second favorite card in the original set

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republicans love to post glaring failures of capitalistic deregulation and blame it on socialism. it rules.

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