Looking to commission a female cow sona for about $60. Let me know if you’re interested.

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet quite ironically, the escape from the old tv channels system to streaming is resulting in the re-creation of the same channels, but you have to pay each of them separately now

The Library of Congress has an annual digitization budget of 6 to 8 million dollars, which is also about the same amount of money you can find by lazily digging around in the couch cushions at Lockheed Martin.

If only the United States had a large federal library that could loan out books, movies, music, and other media to everyone, instead of this ridiculous hodge-podge of streaming services.

**every time i hear a lady gaga song** this is arguably her best song

πŸ¦‡ There was a really simple game engine in the itch.io bundle for racial justice that seems to be based primarily on arrays, which is a part of programming I actually know.

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πŸ¦‡ So I might fuck around and learn game design

hot take but streaming services were only good when they were basically Netflix's monopoly and so you had one place you could go to for everything. a million different separate solutions makes the overall streaming economy significantly worse. instead of embracing capitalist competition and this more "decentralized" world we have now with a hundred different subscription services, we should have simply recognized Netflix as a public good and nationalized it

fred is trans and poly
daphne is bi
velma is ace and agender
norville is nonbinary and ace
and scooby is a furry, which is the most queer

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πŸ¦‡ Why am I browsing game jams on itch.io when I can barely code at all

🐲 Because learning to code during a jam would be fun? Also Twine is a thing,

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