3d anthro avatar, ec 

We bought a vr chat avi off of gumroad, re-textured it and rigged it to work with VSeeFace

Also we accidentally did not sleep.

VR avatar, ec 

Vroid crashed and we had to remake our kbold from scratch but honestly she cute so

FFXIV Screenshot, ec, food ment 

You're getting ready to have a picnic on the docks. You turn around and all your sandwiches are gone and this little bugger is standing there with this grin on her face. What do?

draconic selfie, ec 

Felt cute might delete later.

The glasses are held in place by the mask's spines

pixel art, ec 

πŸ¦‡ So I downloaded aseprite and made some sprite animations. And they are halfway decent? Who knew I could animate.

πŸ€ Yes, I am sticking with Freya, and also I am now a rat person

Freya Ouroboros, at your service.

snek ec, occult symbols, plural stuff 

Updated our system symbol to be more reflective of where we draw our occult inspiration from

daniel radcliffe gun meme 

Happy new year, fuck the old year

beverage, ec, commissioned art post 

Since our friends are posting commissioned art, so will we! On the left, we are immortalized as coffee by @extinct and on the right Anwyn gets her library on courtesy of @muttmusk@puppy.place !

occult symbol, possible ec 

Us? using a combination of occult symbols to represent ourselves? Its more likely than you think.

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