If you're an admin and you are conflict avoidant? Don't be an admin.

@systemroot I used to be conflict avoidant and gave people way too many chances

Then shat all over my misplaced trust and my brain went "oh ok then fuckers new plan" and now I just instablock lmao

@norikawa Honestly instablocking is a good strategy, better safe then sorry.

@systemroot conflict avoidance as an admin is one of the huge issues on here honestly. don't create a community space if you refuse to moderate it and keep it safe from outside, and within

@CornishRepublicanArmy Honestly, most of us came here because we wanted a more well moderated space to begin with. The unfortunate reality is that means its ON US to keep ourselves safe. So you need to either grow some teeth or stick by someone who you trust.

@g Conflict avoidance can be unlearned, but it takes time and practice, so we get that.

Honestly, though, if you ever want to nerd conlang stuff at us, go right ahead. We've been wondering about creating our own.

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