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We actually believe in magic, for real, and practice it, and talk to Loki and shit, and no we are not ashamed nor do we owe you "rationality."

Secularism is fine, but don't make it something you force onto others.

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🐀 Yes, I am sticking with Freya, and also I am now a rat person

Freya Ouroboros, at your service.

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You probably need to hear this, whomever you are:

its ok to take a break. Stay Safe. Stay strong.

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snek ec, occult symbols, plural stuff 

Updated our system symbol to be more reflective of where we draw our occult inspiration from

What if @ari and I started a country club

But it has no admission fees or golf or buildings and is just a junkyard where you chew on old tires for a couple hours

I look at the world through an aro perspective. That often means asking myself how the world is built around amatonormativity, who that hurts and leaves behind, and what exists beyond it.

While this isn’t a universal aro experience, I think an aro perspective can bring to the front questions like “what if someone never has a romantic partner, what does their life look like then?”. And, oh boy, once you start you can’t stop seeing how so so much of our world is built around the assumption that everyone will have one.


#aromantic #amatonormativity

So, the outcome is that, instead of feeling defensive about my previous bad decisions, I took time to think about how I could meet my needs while also adjusting based on the callout. It usually takes me a few days weeks or months to think it through this way. Instead of seeing callouts as an attack, see them for what they are. Another person is spending their time to help improve your life as well as their own. Thank you so much for your wisdom @romainelaprophetesse

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The other day, @romainelaprophetesse provided us with an extremely helpful informative article about Wikipedia and the oppressive nature of that site and its use. I love when people call me out like this (indirectly or directly) and I have a chance to examine my own life for ways I support my own detriment as well as others. I use Wikipedia all the time (did). I had used them to source the definitions of Ubuntu that I used on my server and other places that mention it. (Continued in replies)

Leelumz Moving Castle 🗣🗣🗣

I posted this for my patreon subscribers last week, I’ve been itching to show more ppl! What do y’all think?

#BlackArtist #MastoArt

@ari says I'm too nice to beat up 😤

yu gi oh videogamez 

We're trying ranked play today and so far we're 1 for 1

might log on and respect people's boundaries in their replies, just something I've been mulling over

We're still alive just taking some space to ourselves and kicking Kaiba's ass in Duel Links with a custom deck.

one of the guilds i'm in in #gw2 does a yearly secret santa exchange and this is one of the items i sent off to my assigned recipient a few years ago

cw - asura butt

why an asura with a tramp stamp tattoo and a naked ass?

because a while ago there was a way to kind of glitch out armor skin previews so you could see the model without the little underwears they usually had and we were all extremely entertained by the naked asura and it's very finely modeled little bubble butt

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today's #blackherstorymonth spotlight is on Assata Olugbala Shakur 🥫 Assata is a poet, activist, and militant who has participated in the Black liberation movement, the student movement, and the antiwar movement. She is a member of the Black Panther Party and an outspoken critic of u.s. imperialism 🥫 She was framed by the u.s. state for the deaths of her friend Zayd Malik Shakur and a cop, and after incarceration and torture she escaped to Cuba in 1984. She lives there to this day.

it's always transparently a way to treat trans women with kid gloves too. I almost prefer the outright transmisogyny.

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i swear if i have to hear one more person say it's "infantalizing" to call an adult woman a "girl" I am going to fucking stab

every time I see someone use robots as a metaphor for being trans I get happy and every time I see someone call it offensive to trans people I take 5d8 psychic damage anyway here's a cute YA short story about a robot by an enby author

fucking the system from the ground up by revealing to elementary school students that adults don't actually know the multiplication table

Someone was accusing people of only helping Texans to make Texas politicians look bad. But like, if I genuinely need help, please own my leaders by helping me. I don't see anything much wrong with that

so lonely i'm going on omegle and asking people what's the deal with airline food before skipping them

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