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We actually believe in magic, for real, and practice it, and talk to Loki and shit, and no we are not ashamed nor do we owe you "rationality."

Secularism is fine, but don't make it something you force onto others.

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πŸ€ Yes, I am sticking with Freya, and also I am now a rat person

Freya Ouroboros, at your service.

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You probably need to hear this, whomever you are:

its ok to take a break. Stay Safe. Stay strong.

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snek ec, occult symbols, plural stuff 

Updated our system symbol to be more reflective of where we draw our occult inspiration from

"I can't" doesn't always mean "it's literally physically impossible." It can mean, this is too painful, not sustainable, I can do it but it's not worth the price I have to pay. These are all common meanings for "can't" and they apply to us, disabled folks, too.

Going off about a GMless Solo RPG we made 

The working title is "A Fool's Journey" because the actual events are determined via a tarot spread.

The basic mechanics are as follows:

There are four ability scores: Might (M), which represents physical prowess and athletic ability, Skill (S), which represents manual dexterity and hand-eye-cordination, Focus (F), which represents rote memorization, perceptive ability, and logical argument, and Willpower (W), which represents force of personality and strength of spirit.

To generate these ability scores, you roll 1d6+2 in order and then swap any two values.

Then you choose or roll for one of ten backgrounds that give you a unique ability.

The big thing is to choose your "quest", the thing your character is seeking when they go on the journey. This is essentially what puts the plot in focus.

And the plot is determined by a tarot spread.

Every in game day is represented by three cards: a morning, afternoon, and evening card. You flip a card over, interpret it, deal with events accordingly, and then move on to the next one. If you need another card to give more context or to represent a plot twist, draw one and put it under the "time of day" card. You can do this multiple times.

If your interpretation of the card leads you to take an action which may have a chance of failure, you roll 2 d10s and compare the value of each *separately* to the relevant ability score. If *both* d10s are under the ability score its a complete success. If only *one* d10 is under the score it is a partial success. If *neither* is under the score it is a failure.

Asking for money for someone else 

They need money for shoes and clothes and a jacket. It's freezing and they have no shelter

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Asking for money for someone else 

So there's a homeless 18 year old asking me for money on Venmo. I've given her some but i thought maybe others could help too? It seems like she's in a really bad situation

Venmo is Tatiana-Toplitz18

the chaos emeralds are jo crystals. sorry if this offends

all the pokemon get on beyblades as a battle option, replaces dynamax

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today i learned that yugioh had no chief animation supervisor so every animator kinda... left their own mark on the characters and there was no one to keep it consistent so then this happened

I’m going to make the β€œmurder is okay” Kirby meme but yugioh

too many dragons to appreciate

maybe we'll come up with something

We only know this song cause of the video with the maned wolf lol

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Every day is dragon day
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday All Day

tbh every day is dragon appreciation day, too me

and taursday

star trek 

i mean i guess there's odo but i actually thought his connection to his species vs humanity was actually like, much more interesting and clever than most of the other characters who fulfill this role so i pretend i don't see it

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First doods I’ve done on my new tablet!

An orange spadefish, and my cartoon protagonist Jackpot!

Shares and feedback mean the world<33

Furthermore, most enslaved blacks were not provided any implements with which to comb/part their hair. To further enforce the idea that black people were animals, they were forced to use sheep card brushes which have sharp metal teeth and are typically used for prepping sheared sheep wool for spindling.
See Emma Dabiri's Don't Touch My Hair for more .

@senzubean @kavbojka also chiming in to add they have an anti-colonial history - the Mau Mau had dreads because they refused to cut their hair until Kenya was free from colonialism & many Black people around the world wore them for related reasons, most famously Rastafarians in the Caribbean

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