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We actually believe in magic, for real, and practice it, and talk to Loki and shit, and no we are not ashamed nor do we owe you "rationality."

Secularism is fine, but don't make it something you force onto others.

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You probably need to hear this, whomever you are:

its ok to take a break. Stay Safe. Stay strong.

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snek ec, occult symbols, plural stuff 

Updated our system symbol to be more reflective of where we draw our occult inspiration from

there’s a bunch of ancient memes that live rent-free in my head and sporadically resurface

What if I had to
always post in haiku form?
That would be fucked up.

Anyway, they aren't masto people to our knowledge but they seem cool?

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They have a website with testimonials

and also as soon as we joined someone made jewelry for us

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on my quickaccess bar at the bottom i have it display my most used folders and

once again i would like to say, lwaxana troi rules

Tonight featured: arguments over the economics of the ps5 before someone did the Talos preacher from Skyrim but for Halone

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A single user glitch-soc instance for the Ouroboros, a plural system.